Quality Statements

Policy, Values and Commitment

Orient Resources Company (ORC) provides its customers with legally compliant, inherently safe and high quality products and services, maintaining customer focus, satisfaction and continually improving. Senior Management (MD & MR) is committed to document, implement, communicate, review, develop, measure, analyse hazards, control risks and improve the Integrated Management System (IMS) as evidence of our commitment to supply safe and legal products and services to all customers.

The IMS complies with the ISO 9001:2008 Standard, HACCP Principles and the BRC Global Standard 2014 for Agents and Brokers Issue 1. ORC ensures all products and services are legally compliant and are procured, maintained and supplied to customers to a consistent high quality standard and in a safe manner, in order to fully meet customers’ needs and expectations at all times.

Quality, Safety & Legal Policy

Orient Resources Company is committed to:

  • Assess inherent food safety hazards attributable to our food products and operating processes and to control hazards and risks to ‘As Low As Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP) levels through the use of continuous investigation, analysis, problem solving, prevention and hazard review techniques;
  • Fully comply with all applicable requirements of relevant national and international standards, specifications, ordinance, legal criteria, food-safety practice and food-security codes of conduct, etc., as directly applicable to our products, services and processes from time to time;
  • Ensure all product related items, activities and services are provided in the most efficient, objective and effective manner possible, particularly in terms of time, resources, technology and cost, in order to maximise and continually improve current and future levels of customer satisfaction;
  • Provide and maintain suitable human and other necessary resources, together with training as deemed necessary, for staff performing activities affecting, or that may affect, the procurement, legality, food safety, supply and quality of the company’s products and services;
  • Select, appoint, communicate with, examine, monitor, review, report and manage suppliers so that they are objectively assessed in relation to competence to provide, and to maintain, acceptable quality, safety and legal controls for all products and services that they supply to ORC; and
  • Routinely monitor, objectively assess and continually improve the suitability, effectiveness and relevance of the IMS by planning, conducting, reporting, following-up and closing-out a scheduled program of hazard and risk analyses, internal audits, trend reviews and management reviews.

Objectives & Targets

Particular IMS objectives and targets that are applicable to ORC are specifically defined in relation to Food Quality, Food Safety and Food Legality, together with objectively measurable achievement criteria in Appendix 1 attached to this manual. Objectives are clearly communicated to relevant staff, and are subsequently monitored, with results reported every six-months to senior management.

Allergen Policy

ORC operates currently acceptable International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) / Food and Drink Federation (FDF) practices in connection with any ingredient that could be considered an Allergen, which includes any of the major group of allergens, including peanuts.

Cross-contamination of foodstuffs during manufacturing is prevented by implementing and adhering to Operating Procedures (OP). Sanitation practices are validated by regular quality control checks to assure the suitability and effectiveness of cleaning processes. All products are carefully screened to ensure correct labelling prior to production, and all known Allergens are listed in the ingredients.

Continuing Product Guarantee Policy

ORC guarantees that the products comprising each shipment or other delivery, as of the date of such shipment, are not adulterated, contaminated, misbranded, fraudulently substituted or otherwise adversely compromised. All products provided are in good condition and are manufactured from sound raw material, where their production is carried out under sanitary conditions.

All products, at the time of outgoing shipment by ORC, are sound, wholesome products that are fit for direct human consumption, or that can be used as ingredients for preparing food for human consumption after subsequent due processing, e.g. shredding, cutting, mixing, cooking, etc.

Ethical Trading Values

ORC implements the Guiding Principles of Ethical Trading Values, which ensure that we:

  • Comply with international and local legislation relating to ethical trading and human rights;
  • Encourage suppliers and customers to follow and comply with ethical trading standards; and
  • Integrate ethical trading considerations, where practicable, into all aspects of our business.

Labour rights and dignity at work

ORC Senior Management comply with Labour Rights and Dignity at Work Values, to ensure that:

  • No forced or involuntary labour is used;
  • Any form of harassment in the work place is prohibited;
  • No children are employed, except in circumstances that protect their legal rights, where we protect them from physical risks, and where any such employment does not disrupt their education;
  • Fair remuneration and benefits are provided to employees that are comparable to those being offered by similar organisations in our industry / region / country; and
  • Promotion opportunities are based on merit, irrespective of race, religion, sex, nationality or age.
  • committed to offer opportunities for promotion based on merit, irrespective of race, religion, sex, nationality or age.

Compliance with Requirements

Compliance with ORC’s policies, objectives, targets and values, together with all other applicable requirements, is mandatory for staff, suppliers and service providers, who are encouraged to help to continually improve the IMS, and to identify, record and meet all customers’ needs and expectations.

Senior Management review the policies, objectives and values for suitability. Where necessary, they are revised and communicated to relevant parties, to further demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement, particularly in relation to the quality, safety and legal compliance of ORC’s products.

Orient Resources Company

Managing Director
1st March 2015