Regency Turmeric is the boiled, dried, cleaned and polished rhizomes of Curcuma longa. Turmeric is used across a spectrum of industries: The colour Curcumin extracted from turmeric is used as a colourant. Turmeric is also used as a dye in textile industry and used in the preparation of medicinal oils, ointments and poultice. It is stomachic, carminative, tonic, blood purifier and an antiseptic and used in cosmetics. Finally, in food, it is used in brine pickles and to some extent in mayonnaise and relish formulations, non-alcoholic beverages, gelatins, butter and cheese etc, and most famously in a variety of South-East Asian curries and savoury dishes for its smell and taste.



  • Appearance: Clean, sound quality suitable for human consumption
  • Aroma and flavour as characteristic to the specific variety being supplied
  • New crop
  • Grade A
  • Free from mould, extraneous odours and flavours.
  • Free from living insects, mites and weevilled.
  • Practically free from dead insects.
  • Can be contracted as per ASTA (American Spice Trade Association), ESA (European Spice Association) or ISO Standards
  • Moisture max. 13%
  • Admixture max. 1%

Turmeric is available to order as:

Regency Turmeric Fingers 50kg/bag
Golden Star Turmeric Fingers 50kg/bag