Star Aniseeds

Regency Star Aniseeds are 100% natural, wildly grown in forests, naturally dried, free from added sulphur and with all natural oils intact. We take great troubles to source Star Aniseeds directly from forests in China – many a times incurring extra expenses to control quality and hygiene level of our product directly at source. As a result, we can always confidently assure our customers about levels of our product’s cleanliness, oil content, microbial activity and all other process critical and regulatory parameters.

Star Aniseeds are popular in many Chinese cuisines, being one of the spices in Chinese Five-Spice powder, and also used in Vietnamese and Indian dishes.

Star Aniseeds


Regency Star Aniseeds are available to order as:

Star Aniseeds Whole 10kg/ctn
Star Aniseeds Whole HPS 5kg/ctn
Star Aniseeds Powder 25kg/bag

Star Aniseeds factory

Growing on tree

Star Aniseeds natural drying