Minced Spices

Regency Minced Spices are made from carefully selected fresh spices at origin to give all the flavour and aroma of fresh spices without having to peel or chop them. They are made from fresh, not rehydrated spices. Our superior technology preserves the natural taste and aroma of the spices giving them a shelf life of upto 3 years without refrigeration.

Minced Spices


  • Flavour: Natural flavour of the spice
  • Aroma: Natural smell of the spice
  • Main ingredient: 85-90% Fresh spices of current crop
  • Other ingredients: Water, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, acetic acid, citric acid
  • Outside look: Well sealed container, no leaking, no can-breaking or bulging, no rust seen from outside
  • Inside look: Normal density, easy to take out with a spoon
  • Admixture: No admixture seen by eye
  • TPC max 100/g
  • E.Coli: None
  • Average net weight per jar not less than marked on label (210g, 1kg or as applicable)
  • Outside packing: Glass jars sealed with twist lid, 6 jars per coloured paper tray, 2 trays per shrink.
  • Shelf life: p to 3 years at ambient temperature, refrigerate after opening, and use soon after.

Regency Minced Spices are available to order as:

Minced Ginger 210g x 12/ctn
1kg x 6/ctn
Minced Garlic 210g x 12/ctn
1kg x 6/ctn
Minced Ginger/Garlic 210g x 12/ctn
1kg x 6/ctn
Minced Red Chilli 210g x 12/ctn
1kg x 6/ctn
Minced Green Chilli 210g x 12/ctn
1kg x 6/ctn

Minced red chilli

Minced Ginger

Minced ginger garlic

Minced Garlic