Regency Chillies are sourced from all around the Orient, and can be supplied in a variety of different types ranging from Sweet Paprika, to Yidu Red and Bird’s Eye. In Spanish, the name Chilli refers to any kind of pepper, but in the U. S. the term is limited to mildly pungent varieties that are mainly dried and used for flavouring other foods and for pickling. Chillies are used all over the world and are a necessity when cooking most savoury foods, such as curries, stews, stir fries, roasts, kebabs, certain soups, sauces, and pickles.

Our Sauce Chilli is a special variety of Chillies known for their medium heat level of 8000-10000SHU. They retain their same dark red colour even when ground, which is what makes them perfect for sauces and powders, and a particular favourite ingredient in Korean and Japanese cooking. Regency Barbeque Chilli is much spicier, with a heat level of 18,000-20,000SHU. It has a better taste for sizzling and roasted dishes, such as lamb, beef, and barbeques. The aroma is also very pleasant and makes stronger meats smell beautiful. You may also be interested in our Sweet Paprika.



  • Appearance: Clean, sound quality suitable for human consumption
  • Normal colour, smell and taste
  • New crop
  • Grade A
  • Practically free from mould, rancid taste and foreign matters, flavour and aroma
  • Free from living insects and mites
  • Can be contracted as per ASTA (American Spice Trade Association), ESA (European Spice Association) or ISO Standards
  • Discoloured max. as per contract
  • Broken max. as per contract
  • Size as per contract
  • Moisture max. 12%
  • Admixture max. 1%

Regency Chillies are available to order as:

Sauce Chilli 20kg/bag, 11mt/20′
Barbeque Chilli 20kg/bag, 11mt/20′
American Red Chilli 20kg/bag, 11mt/20′
Tianying Chilli 20kg/bag, 11mt/20′
Yidu Red Chilli 20kg/bag, 11mt/20′
Bird’s Eye Chilli 30kg/bag, 11mt/20′
Stemless Chilli 20kg/bag, 11mt/20′

Chillies factory 1

Chillies factory 2