Cassia (Cinnamon)

Regency Cassia is spicy, pungent and aromatic: characteristics of the best variety of Cassia grown on the mountainside along the Peal River. It is essential in Indian, Arabic, Greek and Persian dishes and imparts its distinctive spicy, yet sweet aroma to cakes, puddings, breads, stewed fruits, mulled wine, hot chocolate and coffee.



  • Current crop
  • Clean
  • Guaranteed free from wetting problems at destination
  • Guaranteed free from mixing with broken
  • Aroma and flavour as characteristic to Chinese Sikiang Cassia naturally grown over mountains alongside West River.
  • No treatment by ETO or irradiation
  • E.Coli below 10/gr.
  • Salmonella none is 25gr.
  • Free from extraneous odours and flavours, visible mould, alive insects and any dejection, practically free from dead insects.
  • Volatile oil min. 1.7cc/100ml
  • Ash maximum 4%
  • Moisture maximum 19% typical 17%

Regency Cassia is available as:

Cassia Whole 25kg/ctn
Cassia Broken 25kg/bag
HPS 50g to 2kg/bag
Cassia KBBC 25kg/bag
Cassia VAA Cut 8cm, 20cm, 40cm 1kg x 20/ctn

cassia factory 1

cassia factory 5