Regency Peanuts contrary to what their name implies, technically, are not nuts. In botanical fact, they are legumes and are related to other foods in the legume family including peas, lentils, chickpeas and other beans. They originated in South America where they have existed for thousands of years. Regency peanuts are available in a variety of forms to suit your convenience, with tight quality controls which make sure to deliver the best quality products from farm to your warehouse.

Peanut in shell


  • Current crop
  • Free from foreign flavour/odour
  • Moisture max. 8.5% (In-shell), max. 8% (kernels), max. 5.5% (blanched)
  • Defects max. 5.5% (In-shell), max. 4% (kernels and blanched)
  • Foreign matter max. 0.5%
  • Aflatoxin max. 5ppb
  • Impurity max. 1% (blanched)
  • Broken grains max. 20% (blanched)
  • Red skin max. 3% (blanched)
  • Peanuts In-shell can only assort with other Peanut varieties
  • Shelf life: 2 years from production date under recommended storage conditions
  • Recommended storage conditions: Stored in a cool, dry area away from Toxic chemicals, odours, insects and rodent infestation.
  • GMO free

Regency Peanuts are available as:

Peanuts In-shell raw Size 9/11 30kg/bag, 18mt/40′
(Optionally waterwashed) Size 11/13 30kg/bag, 18mt/40′
Size 13/15 30kg/bag, 18mt/40′
Peanuts kernels raw, large Size 24/28 50kg/bag, 18.5mt/20′
(Also supplied in 25kg vacuum pack.) Size 28/32 50kg/bag, 18.5mt/20′
Size 34/38 50kg/bag, 19mt/20′
Size 38/42 50kg/bag, 19.5mt/20′
Peanuts kernels raw, round Size 25/35 50kg/bag, 18.5mt/20′
(Also supplied in 25kg vacuum pack.) Size 35/40 50kg/bag, 19mt/20′
Size 40/50 50kg/bag, 19mt/20′
Size 50/60 50kg/bag, 19.5mt/20′
Size 60/70 50kg/bag, 20mt/20′
Size 70/80 50kg/bag, 20mt/20′
Peanuts Kernels Blanched Size 25/29 25kg/pp bag, 18.5mt/20′
Size 29/33 25kg/pp bag, 18.5mt/20′
Size 35/39 25kg/pp bag, 18.5mt/20′
Size 36/41 25kg/pp bag, 18.5mt/20′
Size 41/51 25kg/pp bag, 18.5mt/20′


peanut factory 1

peanut factory 2

peanut factory 3

Blanched Peanuts