Regency Zedoary is a plant native to India, China and Indonesia. It grows in wet forest regions, and has edible roots, which flaunt a delectable mango scent, with a flavour profile most similar to ginger. Zedoary is commonly used in curry powders, pickling, thai salads, pastes, as well as used to fragrance soaps and perfumes.



  • Normal colour, smell and taste.
  • New crop
  • Well dried
  • Clean
  • Free from mould, extraneous odours and flavours.
  • Free from living insects, mites and weevilled.
  • Practically free from dead insects.
  • Moisture max. 15%
  • Admixture max. 1%

Regency Zedoary is available to order as:

Zedoary Roots 50kg/bag