Regency Galangal are Grade A produce from China, cleaned and packed with strict quality control. Regency Galangal is free from visible mould, weevilled, insected and holed pieces, so each piece delivers the highest taste in cooking. Galangal is widely used in South-East Asian cuisine, particularly in Thai cooking, various drinks, desserts, soups and curries.

Galangal Root


  • Grade A
  • Normal smell
  • Normal taste
  • Current crop
  • Pieces: Whole
  • Mixed size reddish roots
  • Clean
  • Free from visible mould
  • Free from weevilled/insected/holes
  • No black/white/green ends
  • Moisture max. 14%

Regency Galangal is available to order as:

Galangal Roots 50kg/bag

Galangal 002