Preserved Ginger

Regency Preserved Ginger is crystalized using top quality, fresh Chinese Ginger. Produced and packaged with the highest care and quality standards in mind, Regency’s Preserved Ginger can be enjoyed straight out of the box as a snack, or infused into a cup of hot tea. It is also commonly used in desserts, such as crème brûlée, puddings, cakes and pies.

preserved ginger chunks


  • Colour: As per sample.
  • Natural taste and smell of ginger
  • Foreign objects: None
  • Dangerous objects: None
  • Insect infestation: None
  • Pesticide within EC limits
  • TPC max: max. 1000cfu/g
  • Yeast/Mould max. 200cfu/g
  • Coliforms max. 100cfu/g
  • E.Coli max. 10cfu/g
  • Salmonella: Absent in 25kg
  • Staphlylococcus Aureus max. 100cfu/g
  • Arsenic (As) max. 0.05mg/kg
  • Lead (Pb) max. 0.02mg/kg
  • Cadmium (Cd) max. 0.01mg/kg
  • GMO: Not GMO
  • Shelf Life:

Regency Ginger is available as:

Preserved Ginger 10kg/ctn