Dried Apples

Regency Apples are available in two varieties: Fuji and Qinguan. We supply both these apples as dried apple rings and cubes. Fuji apples are known for their sweeter taste, and are also larger in size compared to the Qinguan apple. Naturally, the total sugar content in Qinguan apples is much less. Fuji apples are a light yellow colour, whereas Qinguan apples are much whiter with a few green spots. All Regency Apples are use top quality fresh apples, and then processed carefully by adding sugar, citric acid and oven drying.

slices fuji


  • Grade A or B
  • Appearance / Taste: As per sample
  • New Crop
  • Freshly packed
  • Sugar max. 28% (Fuji), max. 24% (Qinguan)
  • Moisture: 18-22% (Sliced and diced), 7% (Hard diced only))
  • SO2 max 2000ppm

Regency Apples are available to order as:

Apple slices (Fuji) 20kg/ctn, 11mt/20′
20kg/ctn, 23mt/40’HQ
Apple slices (Qinguan) 20kg/ctn, 11mt/20′
20kg/ctn, 23mt/40’HQ
Apple diced (soft) 11.5mt/20′
Apple diced (hard) 11.5mt/20′



slices qinguan

hard diced moisture 7

new crop diced

diced moisture 18-22