Regency Canned Mushroom are very convenient and ready for use. For natural good colour and taste, we only do our canning from fresh mushrooms during the harvesting season – as such all varieties/sizes may not be available at all times. Customers are therefore advised to place orders for the entire year during season – i.e. during Dec/Jan every year.

Canned Mushrooms


  • New crop
  • Fresh goods
  • Colour, size, slices, processing, variety as per sample.

Regency Canned Mushrooms are available to order as:

Mushroom Whole 2840g x 6 Drained weight 1600g, 1000ctn/20′
Mushroom Slices 2500g x 6 Drained weight 1200g, 1200ctn/20′
Mushroom Stems and Pieces 425g x 24 Drained weight 227g, 1700ctn/20′
Straw Mushroom 425g x 24 Drained weight 200g, 1700ctn/20′
Shiitake (Po-Ku) Mushroom Whole 484g x 24 Drained weight 156g, 1500ctn/20′

halfcut straw mushrooms

Sliced Mushrooms

wild mushrooms