Fruit Cocktail

Regency fruit cocktail is a concoction of canned small fruits and pieces of fruit, prepared from fresh, which includes peaches, pears, pineapple, cherries and grapes. Packed in a light syrup, the fruits retain their flavour and can be used across a variety of desserts, such as cakes, fruit salads, pies, ethnic desserts and fruit bars.



  • Grade A
  • Appearance / Taste: As per sample
  • New Crop
  • Freshly packed
  • Light Syrup, strength 14-17 Brix
  • Fruits are substantially free from defects to highest degree

Regency Fruit Cocktail is available to order as:

Fruit Cocktail in light Syrup 24 x 425g/ctn, DW 230g, 1750ctn/20′